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What a great cheese to grate. Whenever you need grated cheese for a recipe, Agropur Grand Cheddar is ideal. It grates so easily and adds such fantastic flavour to whatever dish you're preparing.


Leave the cheddar in its original packaging. Refrigerate it in the cheese drawer to ensure that its flavour is not altered by other food, thereby preserving its authentic flavour for even longer.


Since Agropur Grand Cheddar is an aged cheese, we do not recommend that you freeze it, as the taste profile may be altered.

If You Do Decide To Freeze Aged Cheddar:

  • Wipe down the cheddar using an absorbent paper to remove excess humidity from its surface; freeze well-wrapped pieces of 200g or less for a maximum of two months.
  • When grated, place in a freezer bag and refrigerate before freezing.
  • When you wish to thaw the cheese, simply place in refrigerator.