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The Taste of Pure Ingredients

The character and authenticity of a quality product is born of the excellence of its ingredients and their region of origin. Just as quality grapes are the foundation of great wine, it is the milk and the bacterial cultures specially developed to enhance its aging that lend cheddar its distinctive and exceptional taste.

Agropur, which will celebrate 75 years of achievement in 2013, continues to build on the vision of its pioneers. This organization with its humble roots has remained faithful to cooperative values and is today a leader in the Canadian dairy industry. A unique connection to the land and to pastures enables it to offer products made from the finest ingredients that are obtained, treated and processed under a seal of total quality.

Abiding by this quality standard, our master cheese makers apply their talent and expertise to the selection of the bacterial cultures that, with the milk's microorganisms, transform this raw ingredient into Grand Cheddar. They exercise great care and patience in ensuring a rigorous control of the production process over the years it takes to ripen this exquisite tasting treasure.

The secret of Agropur Grand Cheddar thus resides as much in the purity of its ingredients as in the expertise and talent of its master cheese makers.

Aged Cheddars — Unpasteurized Milk